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Discover the Future of Chemical Engineering: Exclusive Demo Session for Process Design, Aspen HYSYS, and HTRI Courses

Are you ready to explore the unparalleled opportunities that lie ahead in the realm of Chemical Engineering, Aspen HYSYS, HTRI, and the transformative Mini Diploma in Process Engineering program? Join us for an exclusive demo session that will illuminate the path to success and equip you with insights into our comprehensive courses.

Sivaji Thota

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What to Expect ?

Insightful Course Previews

Gain an insider's look into our meticulously crafted courses on Aspen HYSYS, HTRI, and the Mini Diploma in Process Engineering. Experience firsthand the comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge content, and innovative teaching methodologies that will empower you with the skills demanded by top-tier industries.

Sample Workshops and Modules

Witness the practicality of our approach as we showcase select workshops and modules from our courses. Experience firsthand the problem-solving techniques, simulations, and real-world scenarios that form the backbone of our curriculum, equipping you with skills that stand out in the competitive landscape.

Interactive Course Elements

Immerse yourself in the dynamic learning environment we offer. Through interactive elements and engaging demonstrations, you'll get a taste of how our courses seamlessly blend theory with hands-on application, ensuring a holistic and impactful learning experience.

Meet the Experts

Interact with our team of seasoned experts who bring a wealth of industry experience and academic prowess. Get acquainted with the mentors who will guide you through your journey, answering your queries and providing a glimpse into the unparalleled insights you'll gain from their guidance.

Exclusive Offers and Opportunities

During this demo session, seize the opportunity to explore exclusive offers, early-bird discounts, and potential scholarships for our courses. Learn how these courses can not only enhance your skill set but also catalyze your career growth and research endeavors.

Why Attend ?

Why Should You Attend This Session? ?

Our clients from the past

Join us for an exclusive demo session that will illuminate the path to success and equip you with insights into our comprehensive courses.


A Catalyst for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education

Sivaji Thota, Founder, and CEO of Aaharya Technologies, is an eminent figure in the world of Chemical Engineering and Simulation. With a dynamic background as a Chemical Engineer and Simulation Engineer Trainer, Sivaji has left an indelible mark on the industry.

His expertise is rooted in a blend of rigorous academic training and hands-on experience, making him a sought-after mentor and educator. Sivaji’s workshops, including those conducted at prestigious institutions like IITs, have ignited the passion of countless students and professionals, propelling them toward success.

Sivaji’s teaching philosophy seamlessly merges theory with practical application, empowering learners to not only understand complex concepts but also apply them effectively. His global footprint spans workshops across different continents, further showcasing his dedication to skill enhancement on a global scale.

As a visionary leader, Sivaji Thota is reshaping the landscape of Chemical Engineering. His role at Aaharya Technologies exemplifies his commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge dissemination. Through his guidance, individuals embark on transformative journeys of skill elevation and career growth, embodying the ethos of excellence that defines Sivaji’s remarkable career.

What do our clients have to say About Us?

 The course is well designed and really fun to complete. The professor is also very good. They can customize syllabus for the requirement of the students. overall it was a fun learning experience where we get to innovate ourselves in the final assignments. – Mihir Mahendra Jain, Process Engineer

 Training program was very good and the teaching methodology was also very simple. The course is very well designed to understand the use of simulation and start a good career for the beginners. Although the batch size need to be limited to 20 only and the scheduling of the batch need to be improved. The IT facilities need to be further enhanced. – Muzzammil Hayat Mohammed Jaman Shaikh, Chemical Engineer

Shivaji’s approach to simulation is basic and simple. He makes a person who has no prior understanding of process simulation comfortable by introducing concepts slowly with simple steps and problems. His analysis post simulation is also very helpful. -Darshan Jayanna, Scientist with SABIC 

“The exercises were really helpful in reinforcing what I learned. I also appreciated the personalized feedback from the instructors. Highly recommended!” – John, Business Analyst

“I loved the comprehensive approach of this program. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful, and I feel much more confident using MS Office now.” – Sarah, Marketing Manager

Common Questions You Might have

This demo session aims to provide you with a comprehensive preview of our courses, including Aspen HYSYS, HTRI, and the Mini Diploma in Process Engineering. It offers valuable insights into the content, teaching methodologies, and benefits of our programs.

This demo session is tailored for students, graduates, professionals, and researchers in the field of Chemical Engineering who seek to enhance their skills, career prospects, and research capabilities. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, this session has something valuable for everyone.

During the demo session, you can expect to gain insights into the curriculum, teaching approach, and practical workshops offered in our courses. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, explore sample modules, and understand how our programs can contribute to your growth and success.

For students, this demo session provides a pathway to break the limitations of traditional job placements. You’ll learn how our courses can equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in MNCs, ensuring you’re positioned for better opportunities and higher packages.

 Absolutely. Our demo session is tailored to address the challenges faced by recent graduates in entering the process engineering domain. You’ll gain insights into resume building, skill enhancement, and strategies to stand out as a competitive candidate in the industry.

If you’re a professional looking to switch to process engineering or upgrade your skills, this demo session provides insights into overcoming challenges associated with career transitions. Learn how our courses can help you bridge gaps and navigate your journey toward new opportunities

 Researchers can leverage this demo session to enhance their projects, case studies, and analysis capabilities. You’ll discover how our courses offer simulation skills that contribute to more impactful research outcomes, enabling you to make significant contributions to the field.

Yes, the demo session provides a platform for you to connect with fellow participants, industry experts, and mentors. Networking opportunities are woven into the session, allowing you to expand your professional circle and potentially forge collaborative relationships.

Yes, this demo session may feature exclusive offers, early-bird discounts, and potential scholarships for our courses. Details will be shared during the session, offering you the chance to take advantage of these opportunities.

To secure your spot for this enlightening demo session, simply click on the registration link provided on our landing page. Fill in your details, and you’ll receive all the necessary information to join the session at the designated time.

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